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Beyond Transformational Leaderhip


Synergistic Leadership is not focused strictly on the Leader -- it’s about getting teams to align and create together, getting differences to become additive, to join collaboratively in an organizational “symphony” integrating harmony, melody, rhythm, beat, -- each individual’s special personal nature -- their “instruments” that can make real music, not just a lot of noise. 

It’s about Inspiration, Vision of a Noble Cause, Innovation, and building a System of Trust that unleashes and focuses human energy.

The Revelation about Synergy is that it is, in the final analysis, about “Aligned Energy.”

The only way to align energy to build a powerful Architecture of Trust. To learn more, see Trusted to Lead for the breakthrough that will change your life -- and enable you to build a world you can trust.

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Anyone who has traveled to Switzerland will notice immediately that Swiss churches are different from other churches in other lands. What’s different? A clock is imbedded in every steeple. Why? To keep the culture synchronized. The importance of synchronicity is that it enables coordination, encourages cooperation, and stimulates co-creation.

According to historical lesson, Switzerland should never exist. A country made up of German, French, and Italian cultures would ordinarily tear itself up. But, though not the sole reason, synchronicity contributes enormously to synergy.

Commitment to Mutual Benefit

Win-Win is the oft-trumpeted rallying call for teams and alliances. But win-win can mean very different things to different people. Consider the striking difference between these statements, all of which represent win-win:



  • I will fight to win, and you must fight to win, and somewhere in the middle we will strike a balance
  • I must protect my interests, and, inasmuch as they are protected, you can take what is left or what is in your interests
  • We must both be willing to strike compromises and make concessions if we are to achieve win-win
  • I will let you win because I know win-win is good for alliances
  • I am committed to you winning as long as you are committed to me winning
  • We both have a common goal, so we should work together to achieve the goal together
  • I will defend your interests from an attack or an infringement from people on my own team because you are my partner and my ally and because we have established firm Rules of Engagement which I will not let my own side violate – I am committed to retaining our trust.
  • We augment each other’s strengths and weaknesses, therefore together we are greater than we are apart
  • Our Vision is the same, Our Values are Compatible, We Know and Value the Metrics of your “win,” Let’s Create a Breakthrough Together
  • We will create a whole new world together with an inspired vision of the future that expands our potential, and enables the Customer win too

For synergy to manifest itself, the strategic relationship must be championed by people willing to make strong commitments to a powerful win-win.


The Synergistic Leadership Program is offered by The Warren Company

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