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Synergistic Leadership is not focused strictly on the Leader -- it’s about getting teams to align and create together, getting differences to become additive, to join collaboratively in an organizational “symphony” integrating harmony, melody, rhythm, beat, -- each individual’s special personal nature -- their “instruments” that can make real music, not just a lot of noise. 

It’s about Inspiration, Vision of a Noble Cause, Innovation, and building a System of Trust that unleashes and focuses human energy.

The Revelation about Synergy is that it is, in the final analysis, about “Aligned Energy.”

The only way to align energy to build a powerful Architecture of Trust. To learn more, see Trusted to Lead for the breakthrough that will change your life -- and enable you to build a world you can trust.

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Synergistic Leadership Program

Qualities of the Synergistic Leader

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The Synergistic Leader

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  • Strategic Vision
    • Establishes Powerful Shared Vision that focuses on a
    • Develops Strategy for the Organization to be the best it can be
    • Recognizes the ever-changing dynamic strategic environment
    • Focuses the Team on the Greater Good and Noble Cause
    • Thrives in Adversity -- Sees Adversity as Opportunity for Breakthrough
  • Culture of Trust
    • Creates a System of Trust that unleashes and focuses the great potential within humans
    • Recognizes everyone has their own needs and experience
    • Makes Honour and Integrity a Core Value
    • Recognizes that Character is more Powerful than Competence
    • Creates a breakthrough Culture – What’s missing? What’s possible?
  • Innovation
    • Collaboratively Innovates
    • Sees Potential in Differentials as Co-Creative Triggers of Innovation
    • Co-Creation is more important than Command and Control
    • Sees Win-Win Relationships as a minimum standard
      Knows that Collaborative Innovation is the soul of great teamwork.
    • Creates a Culture of Breakthroughs based on Learning and Co-Creation
    • Uses Breakdowns to trigger new levels of performance
    • Champions Alliances
    • Integrates across Boundaries
  • Operational Reinforcement
    • Builds a system of Processes, Rewards & Metrics that reinforce everything above

    (Yes, its that simple -- on the surface)

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The Synergistic Leadership Program is offered by The Warren Company

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